Cliff Climb 1.0

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Penguin Game

In this game, the Snow man has 12 icicles to throw into the side of a cliff. There is a penguin next to this cliff, and he jumps up the icicles. The only limitation is the fact that the penguin only jumps 1.2 meters up.
Control the sweaty Snow man as he bounces on a trampoline, and you help the penguin climb the icy cliff by throwing icicles at him. No, not as an incentive - the icicles stick in the wall and the penguin will leap onto the next one if it's less than 1.2 metres from his current position; you get 12 icicles in total so he should be able to climb around 14 metres.The Snow man usually jumps slightly too far above the penguin's position, so avoid the temptation to throw at the very top - maybe wait till he's on his way down.


Tap to let Snow man throw icicles at ice wall, that's it.

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OS:Android 1.5 and up

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